A partner to rely on
From design to on-site assembly and tests, CNIM Industrial Systems China collaborates with industrial clients and partners on global scale and delivers turnkey solutions for demanding sectors. Reliability is in our DNA.
Welding & machining expertise
We partner with international partners and deliver high requirements parts.
Heavy-duty escalators
From top-of-the-range design to under 1-hour maintenance : continued success and trust our escalators.
Stainless steel equipment for German ships
2,8 m height, 3,5 m of diameter: in record time CNIM Industrial Systems China manufactured and delivered 5 large stainless steel equipment to be installed on-board ships for smoke scrubbing.

CNIM Industrial Systems China Solutions

28 industrial ovens for the food industry

Combining CNIM Industrial Systems China's core expertise, the ovens were compliant with European standards and delivered in a short period of time.