Taishan EPR's spent fuel cask transfer facility

Project key figures


Complex electromechanical system




Nuclear compliance

In 2010, Chinese nuclear power operator TNP JVC launched a project for an EPR reactor at Taishan based on the French Areva design.

CNIM teams from France and China joined forces to design, manufacture and deliver a spent fuel cask transfer facility, a large electromechanical system complying with very demanding nuclear standards.

CNIM Industrial Systems China has demonstrated its ability to manage a highly technical project in a multicultural environment with many actors involved.


Taishan EPR's spent fuel cask transfer facility

  • • Dimensions : 11 m height

    • Weight : 100 tons

    • Units produced : 1

    • Material : Steel & stainless steel

Meeting the requirements of the nuclear sector

Starting on the basis of the fuel transfer machines already supplied to French nuclear power plants and Finland’s OL3 EPR, CNIM France revised the design and conducted numerous seismic resistance analyses. Requiring strong calculations expertises, CNIM Industrial Systems China's teams adapted the final design to Chinese materials and localized the sourcing of raw materials. They also coordinated all subcontractors locally, manufacturing operations in workshops and assembly. During tests, they checked the system’s reliability and operator safety, in particular.


A complex electromechanical system

The spent fuel cask transfer system is used for both Taishan EPR plant units. It has an empty weight of 100 metric tons and rises to a height of 11 m. It has a load-carrying capacity of 30 metric tons, equal to the weight of a drum full of spent fuel rods.

This machine called for a combination of many of CNIM’s core expertise fields, including mechanical engineering, electricity, piping, valve-controlled regulating systems, radiation protection, seismic analyses and system safety.

The manufacture of this machine for the nuclear industry required thorough documentary &regulatory follow-up and a high level of confidentiality.


A satisfied customer and additional projects

CNIM Industrial Systems China was entrusted with many additional equipment items interfaced with the unloading machine. Some of them had to comply with strict requirements and involved in-depth engineering studies. For instance, the wall penetration system to which the unloading machine is connected must be 100% leak-tight. The drum lid lifting system at the bottom of the pit must be a completely reliable, zero-failure system with the immersed section in the reactor being entirely mechanical.

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