Delivering 16 stainless steel equipment

Delivering 16 stainless steel equipment for top German shipping companies

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2,6 m




Large-scale stainless steel manufacture in very short lead times with local sourcing and high quality products: CNIM Industrial Systems China has been supplying quenches for the German shipping companies since early 2019.Sixteen units are planned (10 units delivered in November 2019), manufactured over 7 months, and installed aboard within one to two weeks.


These 3.6 m diameter, 2.6 m high and 3 tons equipment are installed aboard merchant vessels at engine outlets. They are part of the overall system that ensures that fumes released are below the internationally imposed SOx emission standards.

Manufacturing & installation: meeting a tight schedule

Freight transport vessels stop at most 1 week in the ports. It was in this shooting window that CNIM China’s teams had to deliver and supervised the assembly of the quenches, previously manufactured in our workshops located in Gaoming.

In early 2019, LAB, one of the CNIM Group’s subsidiary, a 60 years old flue gas cleaning company, turned to CNIM Industrial Systems China for the manufacture and delivery of the quenches in a very short time.

    Thanks to local sourcing, reactive teams and the mastery of the manufacture of stainless steel mechanical equipment and the synergies with LAB,  CNIM Industrial Systems China has enabled 10 merchant vessels to be retrofitted during their stopover at the ports of Qing Dao and Zoushan. Our teams helped coordinate the on-site installation An additional guarantee for our customers.


Industrialization & high quality welding of stainless steel

Based on LAB’s concept, CNIM Industrial Systems China teams carried out both the detailed design and the mechanical dimensioning calculations

High grade stainless steel has been chosen especially for its performance in the marine environment: no corrosion and lightweight.

Our team managed to weld very thin stainless steel sheet (a few mm) on large surfaces.

Meeting very strict standards

On this project, CNIM Industrial Systems China reaffirmed once again its ability to manufacture in compliance with strict quality requirements The entire supply chain has been managed and an independent certified body has qualified all the welds.

“A successful collaboration between LAB and CNIM Industrial Systems China to meet the demands of the two German world leading shipping companies.” Said Vincent Bury, Managing Director of CNIM Industrial Systems China

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