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CNIM Industrial Systems China offers a unique combination of multidisciplinary experts, turnkey quality products along with strong project management skills and IP protection, to deliver solutions to industrial players.

Project Management

Project management is part of CNIM Group's DNA since its establishment in 1856. CNIM Industrial Systems China, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNIM, naturally inherited this culture of project mode. The Chinese and French teams work in total synergy, bringing each other support within the group.


CNIM Industrial Systems China teams study the entire project, with a multidisciplinary approach both technical and financial, and adapt procedures to the complexity of the project to deliver the best industrial solution to its customers, in terms of performance/quality/costs/delays.

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Turnkey Solutions


CNIM Industrial Systems China integrates the whole value chain, from design to maintenance of systems &  equipment.

  • Design & Calculation
  • Local Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Tests & Quality Controls
  • Delivery & Commissioning
  • On-site Assembly & Maintenance

Managing and auditing the entire supply chain, CNIM Industrial Systems China is a reliable partner for its customers and unique point of contact for its customers, facilitating efficient exchanges and decision making.

Welding & Machining


For many years CNIM Industrial Systems China has been partnering with European companies to manufacture welded parts for the automotive, nuclear or maritime sectors.

In our workshops, we have in particular:

  • a large milling machine ( X 6000, Y 2500, Z 1500),
  • a small milling machine (X 10 50, Y 530, Z 510)
  • a lathing machine (420 diameter, L 662).

We both meet quality and strict deadlines, while complying with international standards such as CODAP, ASME, RCCM.

Our welding experts are trained to weld steel, stainless steel or duplex from a thickness from 4 to 80 mm.

IP Protection


With strong experience in military, nuclear and industrial sectors, CNIM Industrial Systems China sets up tailored processes for each project with strict authorizations to documents clearance and staff capacity to work on sensible project to protect the intellectual property of its clients.

Its servers are located in France and NDA for clients and employees are signed on regular basis.

Above all, CNIM Group offers the highest warranty to IP and high-level of confidentiality protection.

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High Quality Solutions


Fully trained and independant purchasing teams select & audit suppliers, qualify parts, make prior quality check at supplier's sites and at the reception of goods.

During the whole manufacturing process, CNIM Industrial Systems China's teams carry out a documentary follow-up.

Controls & NDT qualified personnel, as well as 3rd party renown organizations such as LRQA or BV, ensure the best quality, especially according to international manufacturing standards (CODAP, ASME, RCCM...) and critical welds.



  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007
  • PT & UT level 2

Aware of its multicultural environment, CNIM Industrial Systems China established special visual bi-lingual (Chinese & English) work instructions to control the processes and quality and to make easier the training of the workforce.

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Service & Maintenance


As part of an international company, CNIM Industrial Systems China delivers & maintains industrial conveyors, electromechanical systems and welded structure on worldwide scale, particularly in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

More over, CNIM Industrial Systems China is one of the 3 companies in Gaoming district to be A-level at the customs ensuring fast delivery and high reactivity to its customers.

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Facing the fluctuations of certain markets, CNIM Industrial Systems China offers temporary storage solutions in its workshops in order to minimize raw material procurement lead times and deliver quickly all over the world when required.

Storing bridge pannels for Matière to deliver quickly

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