400°C resistant conveyor for automotive press line

28 industrial ovens for the food industry

Project key figures


Industrial partnership


Up to cost optimization


From sourcing to on-site delivery

Greenbank Technology is the market leader in the design, development and manufacture of “Two Piece Can Making Equipment” to the industry. Faced with a peak workload for the manufacture of industrial ovens for the Chinese market, EMS – one of its British suppliers – contacted the French Chamber of Commerce in its search for a partner able to help.

CNIM Industrial Systems China answered positively, mobilizing its core expertises in large metal structures, electromechanical assemblies and conveyors. Over a two-year period, 28 industrial ovens were delivered on time to the Chinese market.



  •                                           • Dimensions *: 16 m long, 3 m wide, 3 m high

    • Weight: 4 to 24 metric tons

    • Units produced: 28

    • Material: Steel

    * largest oven made

Combining core expertises and delivering within 3 months

Weighing up to 24 metric tons, those large industrial ovens were subject to very strict safety specifications. They consist mainly of a welded metal structure, a conveyor and an electromechanical assembly providing functions including monitoring and control, ventilation and motorization.

These industrial ovens, used in the painting of Coca Cola cans, complied with European quality requirements.

CNIM Industrial Systems China was able to satisfy EMS’s requirements in extremely short lead times. For each unit, it only took three months to complete the localization and procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and delivery to EMS’s customers in Asia.

Localization to cut costs

In addition to their ability to comply with lead times, CNIM Industrial Systems China has the expertise needed to find Chinese equivalents to European materials. Our procurement team always challenges the quality of its suppliers’ products and carries out regular audits. The cost of some components of the industrial ovens, such as electrical equipment cabinets, was cut by 30%.

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