CNIM Industrial Systems China

A high quality French industrial company in China

Created in January 2005 as the Chinese subsidiary of CNIM Group, a 160 years old French company.

CNIM Industrial Systems China is a company located in China, in Gaoming area.

Historically set-up to address the Asian market of heavy duty & customized escalators dedicated to airports and metro stations, with over 3000 references delivered in the largest cities, CNIM Industrial Systems China developed cutting-edge expertises in the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical systems & industrial conveyors and enlarged its activities to serve other industries.

Today we still design, manufacture and maintain high quality heavy-duty escalators

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CNIM Industrial Systems China also provides large welded structures to industrial actors. Today we deliver worldwide industrial solutions for demanding clients of high requirements industries such as automotive, nuclear, energy, process.

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CNIM Industrial Systems China has high skilled production, purchasing and engineering departments which allow the cost optimization of high quality solutions, compliant with european standards, 100% made in China.

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Turnover in RMB

Providing solutions for demanding sectors

Working closely with CNIM to enlarge its skills and scope, CNIM Industrial Systems China delivers on global scale high quality electromechanical systems, industrial conveyors and welded structures, compliant with european standards to the demanding sectors such as Nuclear, Automotive, Heavy Public Transports, Process Industry, Food Industry, Public Health.

1500 bridge panels delivered...


Making machine frames reliab...


French design allied to best...

Heavy public transport

1500 bridge panels delivered...

Process industry

Making machine frames reliab...

Food industry

French design allied to best...

Public health

State-of-the art industrial facilities in Gaoming

Working with the various CNIM Group entities and supporting their production on an international scale, CNIM Industrial Systems China regularly invests in its industrial tool and the training of its employees.

CNIM Industrial Systems China has international certifications: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and manufactures accroding to demanding standards such as CODAP, ASME, RCCM.

40,000 m² of owned land & 20,000 m² workshops