CNIM China passes an audit of Framatome

Gaoming, Foshan. P.R. China October 2022, an audit team with two auditors from France conducted a 3 days audit on CNIM China. The audit covers Quality Management, nuclear-related projects, and key processes for compliance. It covers management organization, quality structure, project and documentation management, design, R&D, as well as fabrication.

“The requirement for our quality management system and execution is very high. Besides ISO9001, we need to be compliant with the Nuclear product-related requirements in Framatome QN-100 Quality Management System Requirements and ISO19443. CNIM China strictly follows the specifications during documentation preparation and product fabrication. We have material identification, storage, welding process control, NDT, calibrated tools, and equipment management compliant with the related project requirements” says Symon Shen, the Quality Manager of CNIM China.

It is a good opportunity to review and improve ourselves in every outside audit. CNIM China has been providing equipment for nuclear industry for more than 12 years and is now delivering parts to the UK Nuclear Power Plant of Hinkley Point.

 audit meeting

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