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HongKong heavy duty escalators

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Visible from the bottom of the highest escalator


Travellers in HK subway


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CNIM Industrial Systems China installed in Hong Kong’s mass transit railway stations, international airport and Mid-Levels district installed more than 800 top-of-the-range escalators, designed to be reliable for intensive public use.



  • • Dimensions* : up to 20 m height

    • Weight* : 12 tons

    • Units produced: more than 800

    *Figures for escalators at Hong Kong mass transit railway stations and airport

Mid-Levels, the longest succession of escalators and moving walkways in the world

At 800 m long and 135 m high, the escalators and moving walkways in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels area are something of a legend. And they deserve to be.

Commissioned in 1993, after two years’ construction, the entire set of systems comprising 20 escalators and three moving walkways was designed and built by CNIM.


800 escalators for Hong Kong mass transit railway (MTR) and airport

A total of 800 escalators run at 0.75 meters per second at Hong Kong airport and MTR stations. CNIM Industrial Systems China owns more than 50% of those installations.

These escalators are among the best top-of-the-range systems on the market. They weigh 12 metric tons each on average, can carry loads of 120 kg per step, and rise 20 m high with 100 steps visible from the bottom end.

Extrem reliability &top-level maintenance cope with such heavy passenger traffic.

CNIM Industrial Systems China supplied all its Hong Kong clients with escalators designed for intensive use, illustrated by the numbers of passengers at the various sites:

  • With 68,000,000 passengers a year, Hong Kong international airport is the 8th busiest airport in the world.
  • Open 10 hours a day, the escalators and moving walkways in the Mid-Levels district carry every day about 80,000 people between Hong Kong city center and this district.
  • More than 5 million travelers use the mass transit railway every day in Hong Kong, making it the leading public transport facility.
  • (*2013 figures)

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