2,6 MV heat pump

2,6 MW heat pump: express manufacture & delivery

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Heat district optimized thanks to CNIM's heat pump.

On spring 2019, CNIM Industrial Systems, one division of CNIM Group's company, has entered into an agreement concerning the energy efficiency optimisation at the waste-to-energy plant serving the cities of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, in the North West of France. Under the terms of this agreement, CNIM will install a 2,6 MW absorption heat pump measuring 8,5 m x 2,4 m x 4 m and weighting 26 tons, to boost the supply of hot water to Nantes.



    4 months to manufacture & deliver

    With the stated goal to deliver the heat pump on time, CNIM Industrial Systems called in CNIM Industrial Systems China to manufacture this turnkey solution. Our dedicated Chinese heat pump set-up team finalized the detailed design and manufactured it in a record time: 4 months.

On-going manufacturing of the absorption heat pump
The mastery of the different manufacturing and test processes, the shaping of the materials (black steel, stainless steel duplex), as well as the TIG and electrode welding techniques on thicknesses ranging from 10 to 50 mm allow CNIM Industrial Systems China to deliver heat pumps of the highest quality in a minimal amount of time.

Followed by the Bureau Veritas, this heat pump meets the ESP’s* manufacturing requirements. Thanks to the experience of previous heat pump projects, CNIM Industrial Systems China was able to be reactive and hold the planning

*ESP: French Regulation for Pressure Equipment

The 2,6 MW absorption heat pump ready to be shipped to France

New investments to be more efficient and competitive

In order to control the production chain, and therefore the deadlines, CNIM Industrial Systems China regularly invests in its industrial tool to carry out the most important manufacturing steps inside its walls. Thus, CNIM China will integrate the machining of the tube sheets of the next heat pump. One of the new machining centers recently installed in the workshops will do the very precise tube machining, essential to the mechanical strength and the tightness of the system.

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