1500 bridge panels delivered worldwide        

1500 bridge panels delivered worldwide

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Precise dimension match

              CNIM Industrial Systems China manufactures metal structures for modular bridges that are delivered all over the world.

All manufacturing and welding are subject to very strict quality control procedures, necessary to guarantee quick erection of the bridges and their operational reliability.



  • • Dimensions* : 2 m long, 3 m wide

    • Weight : 335 kg

    • Units produced : 1500

    • Material : Steel S460

    *For one bridge panel

CNIM Group: a recognized industrial capacity

Matière is a French company specialized in the construction of engineering structures on global scale since 1932. While carrying out a project in Costa Rica, Matière found itself unable to produce the overall required bridge structure. Aware of CNIM Group’s industrial manufacturing capabilities and having previously collaborated with CNIM for the construction of motorized floating bridges (PFM), Matière asked CNIM and its Chinese subsidiary to meet the needs of its Central American client.

Regaining competitiveness while preserving quality products

In addition to successfully manufacturing the parts within a short period, CNIM Industrial Systems China managed to reduce the cost price of bridge structures while guaranteeing very high quality.

Thanks to its collaboration with CNIM Industrial Systems China, Matière was able to offer a modular bridge at an extremely attractive price as from 2014. By the end of 2018, the CNIM Group’s subsidiary had supplied more than 1,500 panels all over the world.

Perfect match

The 335 kg panels are bolted together to build a modular bridge. As a standard solution enabling quick assembly on site, the panels can have no more than the very smallest final deformation. The quality control of parts is crucial for this project.

Aware of the issues at stake in using the product and deformations attributable to welding, the quality control teams at CNIM Industrial Systems China took steps to ensure a 100% precise match in the dimensions of the interfaces between structural parts.

Stored in our workshops for quick delivery all over the world

Some Matière's bridge panels are stored in CNIM Industrial Systems China’s workshops in order to minimize raw material procurement lead times and be able to adapt to market variations.

Furthermore, CNIM Industrial Systems China has obtained level AAA for Gaoming customs clearance. Product transfer times are thus shorter, allowing quick delivery all over the world.

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