A new order and 8 years of partnership with the German Kurtz Ersa

At the start of 2022, the German industrialist Kurtz entrusted once again CNIM China with the manufacturing of 27 new machine frames. 8 years that we are partners.

A long-term partnership

Specialized in OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing for European industrial players wishing to manufacture in China, CNIM China has been working for the German company Kurtz for 8 years. A long-term collaboration that underlines the quality and satisfaction of the European.

 Figure 1: Thick welded frames

High-thickness welded frames

With a thickness of 40 mm, made of steel, those welded frames are mass-produced in CNIM China’s workshops. Around 150 parts per year are welded and machined.

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 Figure 2: OEM for Kurtz in CNIM China workshops

8 years, 1200 parts delivered

“We are proud to partner with Kurtz. For 8 years now: it’s the lucky number in China! More than 1200 pieces have been produced in our workshops.” says Raphaël Pellerin, Director of CNIM China.

“The manufacturing rhythm is intense: 45 days to manufacture 1 set. 1 set consists of 3 pieces and weighs about 2 tons”. specifies Raphael. “We carry out local procurement, welding, machining, anti-corrosion painting and all quality tests.”

 Figure 3: one of the 3 parts of the set for the German company

Original Equipment Manufacturing

As a subsidiary of the French company CNIM Systèmes Industriels since 2005, CNIM China is specialized in OEM. The skills of our teams are very advanced in terms of product quality, meeting deadlines and local sourcing. We work for all sectors of industry, including the most demanding ones such as Nuclear.

 Figure 4: Large stainless steel equipment for ships

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