265 heavy duty escalators for Guangzhou metro

265 heavy duty escalators for Guangzhou metro

Project key figures


A day, 365 days a year




Maximum maintenance time

Designed to be 100% reliable for intensive public use, 265 top-of-the-range escalators from CNIM Industrial Systems China have been installed on lines 2, 7, 8 and 13 of the Guangzhou metro since 2008.



  • • Dimensions : 4 to 14 m height

    • Weight : 9 tons

    • Units produced : 265

Continued success & trust

The metro of Guangzhou city is proudly considered to be the technical leader in China for its escalators. Looking for top-of-the-range products, the client entrusted CNIM Industrial Systems China with the design, manufacture and maintenance of 55 escalators on lines 2 and 8 in 2008.

Fully satisfied with CNIM Industrial Systems China’s services, Guangzhou metro renewed its confidence in 2016 by choosing CNIM Industrial Systems China to manufacture the escalators for the city metro’s lines 7 and 13, representing 79 and 121 escalators respectively. In 2018, CNIM Industrial Systems China was congratulated by its client for being the only supplier (all trades combined) working on line 13 to have delivered on time.

Today, our 70-persons team ensure the maintenance of more than 320 escalators both in Guangzhou and Shenzen cities.

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Complying with safety requirements for intensive use

The escalators of Guangzhou metro are designed for intensive use, complying with the strictest specifications and every requirement of the most recent safety standards. Their design had to be completely reliable as they carry members of the public, including children and elderly people.

They carry heavy pedestrian traffic: over 300,000 passengers a day for Changan stationin Guangzhou city center.

                    In addition to their safety, reliability and speed, the escalators at Guangzhou metro are extremely robust and were designed to last. Operating 20 hours a day, 365 days a year, they withstand very heavy loads (120 kg per step). Their most durable parts last 20 years.

Running at a speed of 0.75 meters per second, they are able to evacuate passengers from metro platforms between successive trains. They are 1.5 times faster than escalators used in shopping malls which run at 0.5 m/s. They offer very high performance even in their specific category: the average speed in France is 0.65 m/s.


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