30 MW heat pump for swiss airport

30 MW heat pumps for Swiss heat network

Project key figures


Exchanger tubes




To manufacture & deliver

In 2018, CNIM Group was entrusted with the design and manufacture of a large-scale heat pump for Basel airport, with 14,000 heat exchanger tubes, weighing 160 metric tons, 12 m long, 5 m wide, 6 m high and with a power of 30 MW. CNIM Industrial Systems China managed all the manufacturing steps, from final design to international delivery in Switzerland.



  • • Dimensions : 12m x 5m x 6m

    • Weight : 160 metric tons

    • Units produced : 3

    • Material : Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel

Working in synergy with CNIM Group

In 2013, CNIM Group took over the European specialist in absorption heat pumps to diversify its product portfolio. Heat pumps optimize the use of lost heat in process industries, manufacturing plants and major infrastructures such as airports.

After designing and building an initial product in its workshops in the South of France, CNIM decided to entrust manufacturing operations to its Chinese subsidiary in order to be competitive. CNIM Industrial Systems China set up a production line dedicated to those high-pressure equipment. A successful technology transfer was conducted within CNIM Group.

Customized high-pressure equipment at competitive prices & tight schedules

Thanks to previous smaller heat pump projects for the shipping and brick macking industries,  CNIM Industrial Systems China's teams acquired expertise in the design and manufacture of high-pressure equipment, including new work standards, new welding processes and tube expansion techniques ensuring the leak-tightness of heat pump tubes.

CNIM Industrial Systems China is also optimizing its production tools as the heat pump market calls for a design-manufacture-delivery cycle to be completed within three to four months.

A quick team set up to guarantee on-time delivery

This project meant increasing the size of our teams by a factor of four. To comply with the lead times, 20 welders were hired nationally and 48 workers were set to work at a very high production rate. Thanks to the efforts of its teams, CNIM Industrial Systems China was able to deliver on time, on December 26.

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